The Dotted Dreams Collection with Rue 107 + Owning Your Curves


Rue 107


Rue 107Rue 107Rue 107

 Ashanti Polka Dot Pencil Skirt (Get it HERE) ~ Sophia White Neoprene Crop Top (Get it HERE) ~ Amazon sandals (Get them HERE)

*I’m wearing a 3x in all of the Rue 107 items.


Anytime that I want to really show out and have a lot of fun with my clothing, I turn to Rue 107! My collaborations with them are always a lot of fun, and I love how they dare to be trendsetters and innovators within the plus size fashion industry.  Rue 107 has just released the Dotted Dreams Collection and I am showcasing a few pieces from the line today for you.  I believe in having fun with your clothing at the appropriate times and places.  It can be difficult being plus size (contrary to popular belief).  


You have to be very strong and confident in yourself.  Recently, I did something that I don’t do much-watch reality tv.  While partaking in this mindless activity, I noticed the resurgence of belittling people because of their weight.  It really shocked me to see that people still view being overweight as a “death sentence” or extremely unattractive.  This is why Rue 107 is having such an impact on the plus size community.  They create contemporary designs that are just as fashionable as what you would see any Starlet wearing on the cover of the latest magazine. Being “fat” is not the end of the world.  We can still be stylish, fashionable, and look great.  We have great shapes and bodies and there is nothing to be ashamed of.  Most people who say ugly things to you are not worried about your health, they just think calling you fat will hurt your feelings.  I refuse to ever allow people to use my fat against me.




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If people do not like the way you look that is their problem.  Everyone is not attracted to big or fat women and that is fine because we all have our preferences -it doesn’t mean that they are discriminating against you.  Some people believe plus size women shouldn’t wear certain clothing, but none of that should matter to you.  We all have opinions and preferences.  I am very unbothered by that…lol.  The best thing that you can do to look and feel good is to “own your confidence.”  When I rock Rue 107 designs I feel fabulous because they were created for my curves.  Rue 107’s clothing is not mass-produced.  All of the items are designed exclusively by the brand, manufactured, and shipped out of New York city with love.  So if you are ready to be daring, bold, and confident check out Rue 107 and tell me what you think about their new collection!








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