Secrets To Wearing A Bodycon Dress – Part 1


dress ~ courtesy of Christian Omeshun< (Siren Dress), pumps ~ Shoedazzle

The most important element of looking amazing in a bodycon style are your foundation garments. If you have a tummy like me, it can be quite difficult to obtain a smooth and seamless look in your bodycon. I do not feel comfortable in body conscious styles when everything is not tight and as smooth as possible. I am never able to obtain perfection because that is not realistic, but I want to look the best that I possibly can. It all starts with my shapewear!



The first step to looking awesome in your bodycon is to pick the perfect shaper and these are the ones that I recommend:



Waist Cincher – If you are trying to eliminate the appearance of a stomach this is the answer. Miracle Suit has one that I would recommend because it is seamless, has no designs or patterns, and will provide extra firming shape and control. It is essential to get one that is seamless or it will show through your dress, which is a problem that I have had. Don’t buy a waist cincher that is too tight. It will squeeze your back fat or you will look very unnatural.  Search for the perfect one until you find one that does not roll or shift when you are moving. Some people have the impression that they will be able to walk into any store and find the perfect shapewear (it doesn’t work that way). Everyone’s body is different, so don’t give up if you have not found the perfect one just yet.



Power Panty – This is my go-to shapewear. The Spanx Power Panty may be a great option if you want a firm but light hold. This is the one that I wear the most because it provides some support and smooths my thighs and stomach. It is very similar to pantyhose, and I really like this feature because it is thin and unnoticeable under your clothing. This is a must-have item in the area of shapewear because it is light, and I am able to wear them during the summer months as well. This type of shapewear can also be found in seamless versions. I have learned that my shapewear should have no lines or visible seams anywhere because it is noticeable when you are wearing a very form-fitting dress.



My fabulous dress is from Christian Omeshun, a new line that features bold plus size designs. Make sure to check out the site and take a look at some of the unique designs that are offered. I experimented with this look and combined my corset with my spanx power panty (I do not recommend wearing a corset under a bodycon because it will show through most dresses – you need a seamless waist cincher) . If you have a really large midsection try wearing a light shaper and a cincher. People tend to be a bit dramatic about how tight shapewear is, but if you buy the correct size you should be able to move and breathe just fine. Remember, your foundation is everything when wearing a bodycon item. Nothing should be jiggling or flapping because it will take the attention away from your outfit straight to your body. You want to look polished and all the attention should be on your dress! I have two more tips coming up, so stay tuned! Do you have any shapewear favorites?

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Author: Kim Postell

Kim Postell is the style blogger and educator behind Naturally Fashionable. She recently left her teaching job to explore other interests, which includes but is not limited to her online presence here at Naturally Fashionable and her other online business, Blog With Kim.

  • Tara


    I just finished reading each part of the Bodycon series. You look great and your suggestions will help anyone wanting to tastefully show off a few curves. Thank you.


  • Cute dress, good advice .

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    The Waist Cincher you recomended is no longer available on the link you provided. Is it available anywhere else?

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