My 2017 Word of The Year



Recently, I was listening to a very compelling message from the Elise Joy podcast, and the topic of discussion was choosing a guiding word for the year!  I fell in love with this idea because if I am honest with myself, I have to admit that I never keep my New Year’s resolutions.  Yes, I still reach various milestones and goals throughout the year, but everything is scattered instead of being focused. I am quite unorganized and I tend to jump from one thing to another, due to my inability to be able to focus sometimes!  This year, instead of a making an empty resolution I am choosing a word of the year.  This is a word that I will use to focus, meditate, and reflect on as I live my daily life.  The word I chose is consistency. At first, another word came to mind, but I changed it because you cannot have anything in your life without being consistent.  This is a very powerful word that represents what I am trying to achieve in my life.  I want to be consistent with reading my devotionals and journaling daily, spending time with my family, exercising, my podcast schedule, and with growing my youtube channel.  Focusing on one word is going to help calm the madness in my mind and get stuff done.

I have a few practices that I am going to use to help me reflect on my 2017 Word of The Year.


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1. Planning. It is very important to make a plan, but since I am a free-spirit, I hate to plan, but that must stop.  It’s a new day!



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2. Reflect.  Every day, I plan to take some time to have my tea or coffee and reflect. When life is crazy, sometimes you have to be still and this process is going to help me do that.


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3. Get off my phone and experience more of real life.  This year I am going to travel more and spend less time glued to my phone.  I want to strengthen the relationships that I already have, and maybe create some new ones.

Being consistent means that I will be unchanging and unmoved in my journey to reach all of my personal and professional goals.  It feels good to know that I am starting fresh without the burden of a ton of resolutions.  All I have to do is more of what I love, consistently.  

Author: Kim Postell

Kim Postell is the style blogger and educator behind Naturally Fashionable. She recently left her teaching job to explore other interests, which includes but is not limited to her online presence here at Naturally Fashionable and her other online business, Blog With Kim.

  • Ashleigh Davids

    My word for the year is action! I think and talk a lot so it’s time to get a cracking!