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Many women struggle with finding the perfect pair of jeans that will compliment their shape, but I have some tips on how to select a pair that will look amazing on your figure.   Jeans are a fashion favorite and there are certain styles that look amazing on every shape, while some styles are best for a particular body type.  If you use the tips in this post, you are bound to find a style to fit and flatter your body type that will make you appear thinner, taller, and leaner (which are factors that I always consider when purchasing jeans).  I hope you find this post helpful as you search for the perfect jeans to rock!





Lane Bryant similar jeans HERE 

Wide Leg (short + curvy)


These jeans are fitted at the hips, waist, and thighs, flaring out towards the bottom.  This style has the power to add length to your body and looks great with a fitted top.

Styling Tip: Make sure the jeans cover your shoes for a polished look.




Lane Bryant Genius Fit Ankle Jeans 

High Waist & Cropped (Any Shape)


A tall waist really flatters every body type and helps to make you look taller and leaner.  Jeans that hit right above the ankle will accentuate any shape, elongate the body, and slim the waist.  

Styling Tip: Add a cute cropped jacket to showcase those curves.




Poetic Justice similar HERE

Cropped (curvy shape + petite)


Do not mistake this style for capris (thumbs down).  They should skim your body without being too tight or loose.  A cropped jean that features a 28”-30” inseam can lengthen the torso, adding some inches to your height.  

Styling Tip: Pair your ankle jeans with a light sweater or your favorite t-shirt.  




 similar jeans HERE

Skinny Jeans (small waist + round)


For women with a rounder figure and a smaller waist, skinny jeans hug those curves wonderfully.  Find a pair that has great stretch and you will fall in love.

Styling Tip: You can’t go wrong with styling these jeans and you can pair them with a cropped sweater or tank top.



photo (2)

Kut from the Kloth

Boyfriend (Full thighs + straight/rectangle shape)


Boyfriend jeans feature a straight cut and a looser fit that doesn’t add extra bulk.  These jeans should not fit tightly.  This is a great style for curvy hips and slender legs.

Styling Tip: Cuff your hems and showcase your pumps or sandals this summer.




Forever 21

High-waist (tummy Pooch + curvy)


Jeans that are constructed high will shape your waist and slim down your tummy area.  

Styling Tip: Be daring and pair them with a form-fitting or oversized crop top.




JC Penny

Bright Skinny (straight + rectangle shape)


Color can accentuate your natural shape and add the illusion of curves. Select a pair that is not too tight or loose in the leg area, so that your legs will not appear thinner.  

Styling Tip: Try a little color blocking with your bright skinny.


Leave a comment below or Tweet me with your favorite style of jeans!  Which style do you love?



Author: Kim Postell

Kim Postell is the style blogger and educator behind Naturally Fashionable. She recently left her teaching job to explore other interests, which includes but is not limited to her online presence here at Naturally Fashionable and her other online business, Blog With Kim.

  • Great post, I love my high waist skinny jeans.

  • Nicole Morant

    Thanks for this post… I have been thinking about investing in a great pair of boyfriend jeans. I have tried going to thrift stores, consignment shops, Lane Bryant, Nordstrom etc but the fit is always off. With the Kut from the Kloth brand, how is the fit? Should I order my true size or size up in order to achieve a nice, slightly loose fit?

    • I found the sizing to be true to size! I ordered my exact size, but it will vary based on your body type.

      • Nicole Morant

        Ok thanks for the feedback. You have no idea how helpful your blog has been to me. My personal style has evolved so much….it feels good to take risk. Thanks again!

  • Nice post!

  • Love how you styled the different types. Styling is key to rocking anything with any body shape. Love it! I need some high waist and bright skinnies.

  • Carol Parker Walsh

    Nice to the see the variety of styles in one post. Great way to compare and contrast. I really like the denim on denim with the boyfriend jeans.

  • Deana

    That wide leg pants would work for me. Thanks. I love the ones you have on here. I clicked on the link for Macy’s but they are not the same. Thanks for the information.

    • Yeah those are sold out, so I shared a similar pair!

      • Deana

        Thanks so much! I’m excited to read your blog and use your helpful tips.

  • B.Mya

    I’m apple shaped, and I love a good pair of wide leg jeans! I feel like they balance out my shape and are far more comfortable than most jeans IMO. They aren’t the easiest to find, but now that wide leg slacks/jeans are coming back, i’ll be stocking up!

  • Marquita C.

    Your style is always on point…I love it all!

  • Jana Dittrich

    I’ve often thought about buying boyfriend jeans but was undecided wether they will flatter. Your tip say yes so finally I’ll try some.

  • Emily Bowles

    Thanks. I loved this post.