Naturally Fashionable is a lifestyle blog for the timeless woman navigating career, travel, beauty and style. It chronicles Kim’s expat life in Kuwait, which took form after she quit her job as a public school teacher in America.

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Hello, I’m Kim Postell…

In my roles as a woman, wife, entrepreneur and educator, I’ve enjoyed putting my visionary style to work and living a beautiful, full life. At the top of 2017 l quit my job as a public school teacher to move to Kuwait with my wonderful husband. Leaving North Carolina in the United States of America and saying goodbye to family (especially my mama) was hard to do, but I’ve never looked back. 

Now that l have the flexibility of time, several businesses and income streams have my complete attention. Already claiming a special piece of my heart is the work l do through Blog With Kim, an online support group and resource hub for new bloggers and busy online entrepreneurs. I thrive working remotely from the cosmopolitan city of Kuwait and when l am not typing away at my keyboard l am planning my next trip around the world. 

So far I’ve adventured to Dubai, Bahrain and Muscat Oman. Finding travel destinations off the beaten path (and Instagram travel feed) speaks to me as I’ve always liked to create my own journey and thrive in it. 

I am known as a style blogger, particularly within the plus size community, but my online presence is always expanding, just like my fashion choices. Because l am an expat now, I’ve learned to be particular about what l own, and about what’s in my wardrobe. Besides living with less, I’ve also continued exploring simple, chic, classic looks that can transition with me from every day in a modest community to my next vacation. 

Now, About Naturally Fashionable

Naturally Fashionable came about as a style blog and online space that empowered women of all sizes to cultivate true inner and outer confidence. Through this brand, I’ve always emphasised very strong and unpopular views about fashion, one, of course, is that fit is the key to great style.  Naturally Fashionable has grown immensely with the support of partners such as Creme of Nature, ORS, Vaseline, Always and Shein – whom I still work with now that live outside the USA.

Fit is key to great style.

After blogging for a number of years, and creating a community around authentic content on YouTube and this blog, I am ready for Naturally Fashionable to evolve into a curated space where I share from multiple areas of interest such as exploits in my career, travels and foodie adventures.

Every day starts with a cup of tea, and by sharing snapshots of my own life, I hope to remind other women that it is incredibly possible to live a life that fills that is wholesome, fun and meaningful. 

If you’ve arrived here for fashion content, don’t despair. As long as I have breath I’ll need clothes to wear and wear them well. Connect with me on Instagram for regular style updates and beauty chit chats. 

To learn more about the changes to my Youtube channel and website, watch the video below.