Naturally Fashionable Re-launches in

Launch Party

Join me on Instagram Live at 12pm EST on February 26th for a birthday soiree and chit chat about the new look! 

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Birthdays are for celebrating, 

And this year l will be marking my special day with an all-new format, look and feel to my online space.

It’s still Naturally Fashionable, 

and you’re invited to take a first look when the site goes live!

You can expect:

– The minimal style and beauty tips you’ve come to know and love.

– Lifestyle updates from Kuwait as l navigate being an evolving woman, wife and expat.

– A glimpse at curating your own travel story.

– Career advice and a behind the scenes look at entrepreneurship.

– All the tea on my latest foodie adventures!

PLUS, the occasional surprise because life is just that unpredictable.


Thank you

If you’ve been with me from the beginning, or if you’ve joined in along the way, thanks girl! I appreciate your support. xo

I’ve learned a great deal during my journey as a blogger, and as l transition into the next phase of my online endeavors, l’m all about offering you only the best. 

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