Working Girl

Dress – Lane Bryant
Necklace – Stein Mart

Shoes – Target

I found this dress to be sexy, yet conservative.  When I dress for work there will always be a line that I will not be able to cross, so I have to be mindful of my style choices.  I sometimes feel very constricted in my work apparel, because I wish I was able to wear what I truly wanted on an everyday basis.  
So for this reason, I am going to start doing more post about what I wear on the weekends soon.  As I have said before, I like to be classy, but with a kick.  I felt that this dress gave me that, because the way it hugged my curves my husband gave me a long stare before I left the house.  I must say that I feel great when I wear this dress.

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    ♥ Elle

  • This is such a great look! Loving the blue!

  • blue is your color! so pretty. isn’t there something special about feeling great in what you put on?

  • You have a really cute shape! Jealous!!!!

  • Thank you ladies!

  • go girl 🙂

  • this color is awesome on you! great dress 😀