Shorts & Cellulite: 5 Amazing Tips

Gwynnie Bee


Gwynnie BeeGwynnie Bee


top ~ NIC+ZOE Zig Zag top via Gwynnie Bee (love) Sign up HERE, sandals ~ Sam Edelman, shorts ~ Handmade but similar HERE


Shorts are not my friend–they just aren’  As a plus size woman, I have a little cellulite situation and a few lumps and bumps that I’m really not trying to showcase in any way, shape, or form.  Although I am very self-conscious about my legs I am not going to let that stop me from rocking my shorts this summer, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I’m going share with you.  


1) Pair your shorts with a super cute printed tunic.  Prints always steal the show!  When you wear an oversized printed top, all the attention will be directed mostly to the top.  I have to say that this a pretty amazing top from Gwynnie Bee and I love it to pieces.  Can you say fabulous?


2) Don’t wear your shorts too tight.  Wearing your shorts very tightly will only highlight your cellulite and all of your flaws.


Gwynnie Bee


3) Wear heels! High heels make your legs look thinner and smaller.  I love these Sam Edelman sandals so much.  They give me a boost, are comfortable, and make my legs appear a bit leaner.  


4) Choose the right length for your body type.  I find that if I choose the right length, I can mask a lot of the flaws on my legs that I do not want to showcase.  So play around with a couple of different lengths. 


Shorts and cellulite

Pic via Instagram


5) Pay Attention to the fabric.  There are certain fabrics that will really highlight cellulite and imperfections.  I recommend staying away from thin polyesters and fabrics in general that will highlight your flaws through the material.  Try thick knits and cotton instead.


I hope this post helps my curvy girls to rock your shorts with pride this summer! I spent too many years worrying about how my legs look, but not anymore.  Let’s rock it this summer, and please feel free to share this post on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! 


Author: Kim Postell

Kim Postell is the style blogger and educator behind Naturally Fashionable. She recently left her teaching job to explore other interests, which includes but is not limited to her online presence here at Naturally Fashionable and her other online business, Blog With Kim.

  • Love Lisa

    Are u kidding Kim ? U have big pretty legs. But I’m biased to sexy plus women. U murdered this look.

  • I love the idea of wearing a tunic with your shorts! I pretty much have given up on shorts but you’ve inspired me to try again!


  • Will definitely employ rocking heels with my shorts for the rest of the summer. Great tips, Kim! Very helpful!

  • antigoniem

    Are you from RR, NC? I see a lot of familiar locations in your pics (this one was taken on the Avenue if i’m correct).

  • Pauline Choshane

    I could almost say anything looks good on you Kim but hey you just a master of your body and you know it so well, its amazing. Cant wait for summer in SA to rock the shorts the Kim way.