September Favorites

I really enjoy reading what everyone loves every month, so I decided to share mine.
MAC Studio Fix Powder 
This powder has been in my life for the past 7 years and I still love it.  Sometimes it is forgotten, and lays in the bottom of a drawer or a purse, but I always go back to my old faithful Studio Fix.  This powder has great coverage and it matches my skin really well.
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Dark
I have been using this as a finishing powder for about a year, and it has become one of my staple products.  Sometimes I just put moisturizer on my face, and take a big fluffy brush or sponge and apply it quickly if I am on the go.  It gives light coverage and I really like it.
MAC Boybait Creamsheen Glass
As you can see, I love boybait creamsheen so much that I have used it all up.  I really love wearing a neutral lip, but I need to find a cheaper alternative that will last longer.  At $18.00, I am sure that this is not worth the price, but I love it still the same.
MAC Format Blush (Frost)
Due to my extreme laziness in the morning, I have been picking up this blush everyday.  It goes with every outfit and it is a great bronzey blush that gives my cheeks a light glow.
MAC Love Rush Blush (Sheertone)
This was my very first blush from MAC.  I never use to wear blush on a regular basis but now I wear it most days.  I absolutely love how this gives me the faintest flush of color on my cheeks.  This blush will always be my first love.
Maybelline Tru Shine Lipstick (Nude 470)
I have used this lipstick to death.  I am currently looking for another neutral/beige lipstick to purchase.  I like to wear colors, but not on an everyday basis.  I used this a lot last month and I will definitely continue to purchase it.
Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer
I really like this tinted moisturizer because I do not use foundation everyday.  This product evens out my skin tone and gives me a nice glow.  It will not cover blemishes or hyperpigmentation, but it will give you light coverage.  It’s a pricey product but I believe it is worth it.