Reaching Your Goals

Since moving to Kuwait, I have been reflecting over my life and about the decisions that I have made up to this point.  One thing that I realized is that for many years I was holding myself back from being able to truly be happy and pursue my dreams.  If you want to reach your goals there are some things about the way that you think that you are going to have to change.  

So today’s video discusses 3 Reasons You Can’t Reach Your Goals.  I’m sharing a few life lessons that I have learned along the way on how you can get out of your own way so that you can truly live the life you want.  It’s your life and you can take control of it!  Watch the video below to hear my thoughts.


Author: Kim Postell

Kim Postell is the style blogger and educator behind Naturally Fashionable. She recently left her teaching job to explore other interests, which includes but is not limited to her online presence here at Naturally Fashionable and her other online business, Blog With Kim.