On My Blazer Kick

Lately, I have been wearing a lot of blazers to work.  I love how I can make my outfit interesting or take it to the next level by throwing on a blazer.  The wonderful thing about blazers is you can dress them up or down, and there are so many varieties of fabrics to choose from.  Last week I wore my denim blazers and a boyfriend blazer that I am just in love with.  In the mornings I am usually rushing, and when I wear a blazer I really do not have to take the time to think about my outfit for a long time.  I love fashion, but the most important thing to me is for my clothes to be comfortable and easily put together.  I am not trying to spend an hour in the morning deciding what to wear.  I guess that is one reason I named my blog Naturally Fashionable.  I never want to look like I am trying too hard to be stylish.
I got this blazer from Marshalls

This blazer is from Catos

I picked this blazer up at JC Penny’s

I Love Cardis

cardigan-Dots, slim leg pants-Avenue, flats-DSW, earrings-Forever 21 
I enjoy wearing blazers a lot, but I love wearing cardigans even more.  I have to acknowledge that you could probably find me wearing some kind of cardigan three days out of the week. Cardigans are just so comfortable, and if you pick the right one it can give you a very casual and chic look.  My weight has been fluctuating lately, so I love how a cardigan can hide that pound or two that you may have gained.  

This is an outfit that I wore Saturday, on some random outing with my husband.  I paired it with my favorite slim leg pants and flats, and instantaneously I was in comfortable heaven!  So, when you can’t figure out what you are going to wear just throw on your favorite cardigan.

Late Post: My VDay Look

(blazer-H&M, skirt-NY&CO, boots-Chinese Laundry)

So I am totally late with this post, but better late than never!  I wore this conservative outfit the weekend before Valentines Day.  Many people might find it strange that I wore this to celebrate the holiday; however, I just didn’t feel very sexy on this day.  It was a day date so I did not feel the need to overdress.  My hubby seemed to like my outfit, so I was satisfied.  I am the kind of person that dresses based on how I am feeling.  So my mood always dictates my fashion choices.  I am fine with this because fashion is not just what you wear, it is how you feel when you are in your clothes.  Stay Gorgeous!

Casual Sundays

(top-H&M, cropped pants-I really can’t remember-LOL, shoes-DSW, earrings-Beauty Supply Store)

I know I have been missing in action, but what can I say, life happens.  I miss you guys and I really would love to post something on my blog once a week, but time and sheer laziness have not allowed me to do so.  Anyway, this was my Casual Sunday Outfit.  I love Sundays because my hubby and I usually go to church, out to eat, or to the movies. It is a day of complete relaxation, and I love to wear things that are cute and comfortable.  I really felt cute in my off-the-shoulder top and I had a wonderful day.  So until the next time, stay fabulous divas!

All Black Everything

(cardigan-TJ Maxx, dress- NY & CO, boots- Avenue, earrings-Forever 21)
I don’t have to tell you how much I love to wear the color black because it is obvious from most of blog posts.  This was just a cute, casual, and comfy outfit that I wore on Friday.  I always tell myself to stop buying black, but what can I say, I need rehab.  It is my favorite color for the following reasons: instant chicness, gives me a feeling of power, and it makes me look smaller.  I will be catching up with all of my favorite bloggers and making an effort to start posting at least once a week soon.  Thanks for all of your support and for actually caring what I wear in my daily life!