Do you know your body type? [Video]

It’s no secret that l believe that fit is the key to great style! So, when Ess Murray of The Sphere TV asked me to join her for a podcast on all things beauty, l jumped at the opportunity to help you get to know your body type.

The podcast is available on multiple channels, including YouTube which I’ve embedded below! I love that l had almost an hour to walk through each of the body types out there, and give some style tips for each, demonstrating again that you can look fabulous no matter your shape or size.

Do you know your body type? Listen to the interview below to find out more!

Thanks Ess & The Sphere TV for having me.

You can also watch the video on iTunes, or on The Sphere TV’s website. For an audio recording, you have options on SoundCloud, Google Play, iTunes and on their website.

How To Be Stylish Without Going Sleeveless This Summer


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Dreading the thought of going sleeveless this summer?

While discovering and mastering your personal style can be fun and exciting, the truth is that no matter how much we love our bodies (because yup, we sure do), there may be something or other that we prefer not to accentuate or show off in public – which is fair enough!  And though many of us are excited for summer adventures and the accompanying drinks and treats (yay, ice cream!) – we may buckle at the thought of what warmer weather means for our wardrobe choices, and more specifically, our arms.

Whether you have large arms, jiggly arms, or simply don’t like the appearance of your arms, going sleeveless this summer may be the last thing you want to do. At the same time, your personal preference to cover up might leave you worried that you’ll be overdressed, hot or average-looking during one of the most enjoyable times of the year.

Today, I want to share with you, three trends which prove that your summer style does not have to be underwhelming or limited simply because you choose not to reveal your arms!

Cold-Shoulder Trend


Now, let me begin by saying that there are days when I swear I’d faint at the sight of yet another cold-shoulder top! But when you find something that works for your body type or personality type, you make it work, girl!

This summer, you can reveal as little or as much as you feel comfortable with by browsing your favorite stores for a statement top or dress which happens to feature the cold-shoulder vibe! I recommend a statement piece to truly make this trend your own.

By picking up an unusual or classic garment, you can also draw attention away from the cut-out (and subsequently your arms) and accentuate the detail, color, print or applique on the dress or top.

If you’re really nervous about showing your arms, you’d pick out this trend for functionality, as it will give you a little air and test out the option of revealing some skin without crossing any of your personal boundaries. Bonus points if you have amazing shoulders and want something tongue-and-cheek for nights out.

Here are some of my favorite cold shoulder looks!

Lightweight Duster/Kaftan


Can you tell by my IG feed that I love this look? A duster or kaftan will give you full coverage (no skin needed) while providing several opportunities for simple yet maximum slayage.  I particularly enjoy them because:

  • If you don’t enjoy wearing color, this is an easy way to incorporate a few light or bright garments into your wardrobe without forcing it. When you’re all colored out, you can take off your duster, and enjoy your outfit as is. 
  • If you love black, like me, sheer dusters or kaftans are the perfect way to be a bit extra this summer!  Who said you can’t wear dark or moody colors in the warmer months? Again, if it’s too hot to handle, take it off! 
  • Dusters are a trusted transitional item. I know that most of us experience hot, hot summers, and freezing winters, but a kaftan will easily carry you through on those cold summer nights!
  • Dusters or kaftans usually come in amazing prints!  Have fun with it!
  • Options come in mid-length and floor-length, choose your own adventure.

If you’re almost ready to bear it all, but not quite, try a duster.  Did I mention that they float in the breeze? Remember to shop your size according to your preferred fit.

Here are some of my favs!

Off-The-Shoulder Trend


The off-the-shoulder trend is timeless and elegant. Whether you opt for the hint of a boatneck sweater, the attitude of a slouchy tee, or give a full frontal with a gorgeous blouse, the off-the-shoulder trend has got your back! Here’s why:

  • Whether you have broad, narrow or average shoulders, an off-the-shoulder garment can create the illusion of a softer, more feminine neckline.
  • Change up this style by looking out for sweetheart, scoop and square necklines. 
  • An off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for a summer romance, and you can easily plan a rendezvous for the night or day without having to look over your shoulder.
  • Try a crisp white shirt to stay cool during afternoon events. 

Here are some of my fav off-the-shoulder looks!

In closing, remember that you look as good as you feel. Make sure you are 100% comfortable and know that it is possible to be stylish without going sleeveless this summer. Invest in quality, light-weight fabrics and you gon’ be alright!

3 Ways To Feel Sexy Without Showing Everything!


What I’m Wearing

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Sexy vs. Trashy will always be subjective to personal opinion.  I am an advocate for women wearing whatever they want, but that does not mean that I personally believe that we should let it all hang out so that we can fit into what society deems as sexy.  Especially for those of us who may have professional jobs or are entrepreneurs in some fields.  How you carry yourself and what you wear is the first thing that people will notice about you before you even open your mouth.  Always be mindful of that!

For this reason, today I am going to share how to be sexy without going over the top.

  1. Stay true to your morals and beliefs.  Self-confidence is very sexy.  You do not have to scream that you are sexy by wearing less clothing.  Confidence and self-assurance are very enticing.  It can look quite desperate or thirsty when you try to be overtly sexy when you’re not in the!  Don’t feel pressured to step outside your character to be sexy, it comes naturally.
  2. Find ways to make trends work for you.  In this day and age of “Instagram Baddies”, being naked or dressing less is trendy.  It is perfectly fine to adjust trends to work for your personal taste.  You can wear a coverup, a longer skirt, or add a sheer element to your outfit if you want to be more modest.  The options are endless.  The most important thing is to be comfortable in your skin.
  3. Being a lady is still okay.  It’s not necessary to dress half-naked to measure up to societal standards for what is deemed sexy.  It is okay to leave some mystery to your outfits.  A woman with grace always leaves something to the imagination, and in a world that says “wear anything,” it is still okay to be a classic lady.  
  4. Focus on one aspect of your outfit.  Show a little leg, wear a cute short skirt, wear that curve-hugging dress, or have fun with a little cleavage, but DO NOT do it all at the same time.  That screams tacky!


What makes you feel sexy?  Do you feel that there is too much focus on wearing sexy clothing on social media?  Tweet Me!

My Favorite Strapless Bras

One of the major questions that I have been getting lately is about what strapless bras I’m wearing.  I am more than happy to answer this question because I know that it can be a struggle.  A supportive strapless bra is a key factor to looking fabulous in all of your off-the-shoulder looks this summer.  Check out my video that gives some helpful tips!

 Here are my three favorite strapless bras!


 Multi-Way Boost Strapless Bra – This bra is very supportive, and I would lean more towards this one if you have a very large chest.


 Lightweight Multi-Way Strapless Bra – This bra is very light and airy.  It is supportive, but not as firm as traditional strapless bras.  It is a great option for spring and summer!


Ashley Stewart 5-Way Convertible Bra – This is a very comfortable strapless bra, but it is not the most supportive bra on the market.  However, it is still one of my favorite bras because it is easy to wear and can be worn for long periods of time without pain or discomfort.

What is your favorite strapless bra?