How To Minimize Laugh Lines


If you’re like me, you despise laugh lines!  I started noticing this issue about 2 years ago and it’s been a struggle figuring out how to deal with them.  At first, I thought that a line filler procedure (performed by a dermatologist) may be the answer. Laugh lines can cause your foundation to settle harshly into the lines around your mouth and I was tired of it—then I found the Anew Line Eraser!

As a part of my skincare revamp, I purchased the Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment from Avon, and it was a good decision!  Claims are that this system of retinol with Vitamins C and E can smooth and resurface the look of deep lines.

While all this information was great to know, the proof was evident after using it for a few days.  I had to use it for a couple of months to be sure, but now I am.  While this product will not totally erase your laugh lines (don’t believe that trickery…lol), it definitely will diminish the presence of them a lot!  For the last couple of months, I have used this fragrance-free treatment on clean skin every evening, and I am pleased with the results.  My laugh lines are much less noticeable, my skin in that area is smoother, and I have not had any issues the issues with makeup settling into my lines.  I noticed that a lot of people that have reviewed this product is 55yrs of age or older.  I think the longer you wait to address fine lines and wrinkles, the harder it will be to treat them.  When I turned 30, I know it was time to start using anti-aging treatments in moderation. 

This treatment is currently on sale for $21.99 on my Avon site, and with the original price of the product being $30 (that is a steal)!


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