3 Ways To Feel Sexy Without Showing Everything!


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Sexy vs. Trashy will always be subjective to personal opinion.  I am an advocate for women wearing whatever they want, but that does not mean that I personally believe that we should let it all hang out so that we can fit into what society deems as sexy.  Especially for those of us who may have professional jobs or are entrepreneurs in some fields.  How you carry yourself and what you wear is the first thing that people will notice about you before you even open your mouth.  Always be mindful of that!

For this reason, today I am going to share how to be sexy without going over the top.

  1. Stay true to your morals and beliefs.  Self-confidence is very sexy.  You do not have to scream that you are sexy by wearing less clothing.  Confidence and self-assurance are very enticing.  It can look quite desperate or thirsty when you try to be overtly sexy when you’re not in the bedroom..lol!  Don’t feel pressured to step outside your character to be sexy, it comes naturally.
  2. Find ways to make trends work for you.  In this day and age of “Instagram Baddies”, being naked or dressing less is trendy.  It is perfectly fine to adjust trends to work for your personal taste.  You can wear a coverup, a longer skirt, or add a sheer element to your outfit if you want to be more modest.  The options are endless.  The most important thing is to be comfortable in your skin.
  3. Being a lady is still okay.  It’s not necessary to dress half-naked to measure up to societal standards for what is deemed sexy.  It is okay to leave some mystery to your outfits.  A woman with grace always leaves something to the imagination, and in a world that says “wear anything,” it is still okay to be a classic lady.  
  4. Focus on one aspect of your outfit.  Show a little leg, wear a cute short skirt, wear that curve-hugging dress, or have fun with a little cleavage, but DO NOT do it all at the same time.  That screams tacky!


What makes you feel sexy?  Do you feel that there is too much focus on wearing sexy clothing on social media?  Tweet Me!

Author: Kim Postell

Kim Postell is the style blogger and educator behind Naturally Fashionable. She recently left her teaching job to explore other interests, which includes but is not limited to her online presence here at Naturally Fashionable and her other online business, Blog With Kim.

  • You look Fantastic and I agree with all 4 suggestions, but #1 screams out to me. Being Confident is soooooo very Sexy. Enjoy. . .