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Matching set ~ It’s Fashion Metro (check your local stores for similar items), pumps ~ Zara, handbag ~ Liz Claiborne


Matching coordinates have been one of this summer’s most beloved trends!  I love a cute crop top with a matching skirt.  It is my favorite of the moment and that is probably not going to change (I’m pretty loyal to what I love).  There was a time when it was almost impossible to locate co-ords if you were plus size, but now that the matchy matchy look is popular there are a couple of retailers that have some very cute options.  Coordinates come in a wide variety of styles including tees, structured tops, skirts, and even shorts.  What is great about coordinates is that you can wear them together for a sophisticated look or wear them separately with your favorite pair of jeans or a solid colored item.  I love to mix-n-match the pieces in my wardrobe, so I will be wearing matching coordinates right through the fall season.


PicMonkey Collage


I wore this set for a stroll around Merchant Square with hubby, and even though it is just a crop top and a pencil skirt, the fact that the pattern matches makes the outfit look so much more chic and pulled-together.  There was a beer festival taking place, so the crowd on the streets were enjoying their spirits, and it was a beautiful day.  Merchant Square is filled with unique gourmet and retail shops, and is a great place to grab a bite to eat or talk over a glass of wine.  


I really adore my coordinate set, and I recently bought another one that I can’t wait to wear on the first day of school…yeah school teachers plan their first day outfits too!  I actually had to have the crop top shortened because it was so long that it defeated the purpose of being cropped.  Every now and then I have to get my tops hemmed because I am not very tall, but that is fine with me as long my outfit comes out as I envision.

So what are your thoughts about matching coordinates? Will you be rocking matching sets?


Some of my favorite coordinate sets of the moment!



  • Sarah Enuwa Audu

    You nailed this look, I love your co-ord set; the pattern is amazing. I also love your hair, looking good.

  • Tammie

    I NEEED THIS LOOK! You look stunning! I used to shop at It’s Fashion all the time back home. Every time I needed an accessory to match the color scheme of a certain look they were guaranteed to have it! This look def took me back!

  • Tiffany Todd

    I LOVE IT!! I brought the same set at It’s Fashion months ago and still haven’t worn it but it looks so good on you!! I love your hair!!

  • T. Keels

    Just ran across your blog and I must say I absolutely love it!! Great posts and I love your style. I also just watched your video on Blogging tips and the Blogger life and it was really helpful. I am a new blogger and it really helped a lot. Look forward to your next post!!

  • Willmia R Johnson

    I love your style. I have always been a matchy matchy Diva and I am glad the trend is back in.