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pants ~ Lane Bryant (similare here), top ~ Urban Outfitters, flats ~ Lane Bryant, leather handbag ~ Naturalizer 


Summer is fading away and it is time to start thinking about fall fashion!  I am more than ready for summer to go away…hot and humid days are not my thing.  I have the most fun with my fashions during the fall.  It is the season when I reevaluate my wardrobe and try to evolve my style.  This is the perfect time to do this because the weather is lovely and it is not too cold yet.  In honor of my favorite season, I want to share a series of posts showcasing all of my fall must-haves.  My first pick for this fall is the ankle pant!


Ankle pants are sleek and very chic, so I know you will fall in love with this style. They are a great addition to your wardrobe because you can wear them professionally and casually.   They look great with booties, blazers, tunics, and chunky sweaters. The possibilities are truly endless and you will be able to wear a quality pair of ankle pants for many years.  


Here are a few tips on how to shop for your ankle pants:


Do you own a pair of ankle pants?  Tell me if you love them or hate them!



  • Twyla Nicole King

    I have 2 pair so far. Red from Lane Bryant and Blue from Eloquii. I love both pair but I love the ones from Eloquii a tad more because they are a bit longer.. They are slimming as you mentioned in your blog post and both are made from comfortable material that has minimal wrinkle effect. I’m hoping to add more for fall. I know I need black….what other colors would you suggest?

    • NaturallyFashionable

      There are so many colors to choose from, but if your looking for basic colors you can pick up a tan pair and for fun try a print of some sort!

  • Bridgett Thomas

    I own two pair also. Black and red both from Lane Bryant. I can’t wait for the fall to wear/style them.

    • NaturallyFashionable

      Yes! Love ankle pants!

  • Katrina

    I don’t own a pair but I do like them but I’m 5’2″ and very hippy with big thighs so it makes me look wider at the hips. Could be me you know we are our worst critics!!!

    • NaturallyFashionable

      Yes! I think ankle pants (that are the right length) look great on everybody!

  • lutece hooks

    I love this look! I teach prek and I would love to wear more professional clothing however I have no arch so I wear my tennis shoes every day, otherwise I could be cute in my flats and be in pain. Are there any dressy type shoes you would recommend that aren’t heels or flats that would allow me to be more dressy? Sorry so lengthy. Thanks!

    • NaturallyFashionable

      Thanks! Have you tried kitten heels?