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Staying true to your personal style can be difficult when there are so many styles and trends to choose from.  Sometimes I think I have really come into my own but life is ever-changing.  Trends, my job, and how I feel are all factors that effect my personal style, but I have learned that fashion is not about designers or trends.  It is about self-expression and how you feel about yourself when you wear the clothes that you love.  This is something that I think about often, so I want to share 5 ways that will help you stay true to your personal style. 


1. Lifestyle:  I always take my lifestyle into consideration when I select my clothing.  This summer you have seen me rock a ton of crop tops, but that will decrease majorly when the school year starts.  My style is more classic and edgy in the fall.  I don’t buy things that I am not comfortable wearing and my lifestyle is a huge part of that.  I purchase clothes that I can wear in a wide variety of environments and meet the needs of my everyday life. 

2. Goals:  My style has evolved and will continue to evolve as I get older and as I expose myself to different forms of fashion.  If you are job hunting or are trying to break into a particular industry, it is important to wear clothes that will attract those things.  There are some trends and styles that I will never wear because it is not reflective of where I’m trying to go in life.

3. What Are Your Best Assets: I always play up the best parts of my figure.  My style choices are directly related to what clothes will look good on my shape and will bring out my best features.  This is why it is important to know your body measurements and your body type.

4. Stay Inspired: If there is a certain style icon or fashion blogger that you love, use them as a source of inspiration to continue to develop your personal style.  Looking at people who have a similar taste to you is the best way to develop a clear understanding of your style.

5. Inventory: Take a good look at your current wardrobe and assess what you already have.  Look at the items that you wear the most and some of the things that you may not wear at all anymore.  Clean your closet of all those items that do not fit anymore and begin the process of rebuilding with items that you need to complete a wardrobe that truly reflects your style.


Developing your personal style is truly a journey, so if you need help check out my “How To Evolve Your Personal Style” post, and let me know how you stay true to your personal style.


  • Tammie

    I agree with you Kim! My personal style is indicative of the way I feel in my clothes and my lifestyle. I work a lot so I enjoy professional dressing but with some edge as well. I am traveling for work a LOT lately and packing has helped me to narrow my style choices down to essentials. That has helped me to see exactly which pieces I always reach for. I’m still figuring some things out and pushing the envelope with looks I at one time thought I couldn’t pull off. I am so inspired by real women in fashion that I don’t look to editorials. I have a penchant for taking what’s out there and making it Tammie-esque!

    Tammie of My Aura Blog

    • NaturallyFashionable

      Yes! I love real woman fashion!

  • Edwige A.

    Great post dear!!! With many fabulous style bloggers out there, I can imagine how temptative it can be to compare yourself to them, or follow the trends. I just started blogging and these are great tips! Thank you :-)


    Edwige |

    • NaturallyFashionable

      You’re welcome!