July 11, 2012  |  7 Comments

The “I Love Thrifting Day” event that I co-hosted with Ashley (MissFabEllis) last Saturday was such a great experience.  I met lovely women, discovered new bloggers, and had a great time thrifting.  The day started out with a meet and greet at Relish Café and ended with two thrift store visits.  We laughed, talked, and shared our thoughts on thrifting and why it is a movement that is definitely here to stay!  I only began thrifting two years ago, but it has become one of my favorite pastimes.  It is a way to find unique items, develop personal style, and save money.  Thrifting can be overwhelming, but I will leave a link to a post I did on some helpful tips to consider when thrifting. I would encourage everyone to venture into a thrift store because it is truly a fun experience.
Paws for Cause was the first thrift store that we visited to kick off “I Love Thrifting Day.”  We had a blast surfing through the racks looking for hidden treasures.  Fashion blogger Demetrice, of Impr4less found the cutest harem style pants in this store, and I cannot wait to see how she rocks them! 

The Salvation Army was our last stop and I didn’t pick up any clothing items, but I found a fabulous belt that I really like, and hubby scored a brand new shirt from Banana Republic.  The Salvation Army is one of my favorite places to  thrift because they often have discount days.
I really enjoyed hosting this event with you Ashley!  You rock!



  • http://www.fabellis.com/ Miss FabEllis

    I love this recap! Thank you so much for co-hosting with me. I loved the experience. Also, wonderful photos!

  • Tima

    I find it a little difficult to thrift just because I dont know where to start but Im slowly getting into it more and more. Great post!!

    Editor & Chic

  • http://twitter.com/CCandCurvy Kourtney Michele

    I wish I was there! Maybe next year I can co-host this event in Houston!

  • http://www.courtneytoneya.com/ Courtney

    I hate that I couldn`t make it. Looks like you ladies had fun!

  • candycoatedcashmere

    I just discovered thrifting a few months ago and now I’m addicted. It’s a great way to add designer labels to my closet without the price.

  • http://twitter.com/IMPR4Less Demetrice

    I had a great time “thrift bonding”. I can’t wait to do it again!

  • Missfoodiefash

    Yes,I luv me some FabElliscaka Ashley. So glad the event turned out well,