June 10, 2012  |  24 Comments
top ~ Old Navy, shorts ~ Belk Department Store, necklace ~ NY&Co, shoes ~ Steve Madden, handbag ~ Via Spiga

So I have decided to participate in the “Big Fat Summer Challenge” started by the lovely Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club.  As confident as I think I am, I have realized that it is time for me to step out of my shell and take some fashion risks that are outside of my “comfort zone.”  I decided to start with the category of wearing something that I normally wouldn’t wear, and that would be shorts.  I hardly ever wear shorts in public.  I have a few times, but it is very seldom.  There is another part of this challenge that will require me to wear even “shorter shorts,” but I have that covered.  I just wanted to ease myself into the process before I went there.   I want to start out by saying I do not endorse or condone being overweight!  I think that everyone should be as healthy as they can possibly be, but my weight should not hender me from loving myself or dictate my fashion choices (within reason).  As you already know, I believe in keeping my attire classy and ladylike.

I know that my health is important , and I do not feel that this challenge changes my views on that issue.  I had to ask myself the question, “What are you afraid of?”  Am I afraid of facing the reality of what my legs truly look like, or I am afraid of what people may say, which does not match my personality at all!  I know my legs are chubby, and not the most attractive, but at this point I do not care because I have one life on this earth.  I must accept myself totally at every stage.  To me, this is what this challenge truly represents.  What are you afraid of when it comes to your fashion selections?


  • http://jasiferlionsclub.blogspot.com/ Jennifer/Jasifer

    Love this post, you’re great! Really agree on everything you wrote, thanks for sharing! I feel the same, I know I’m….hrrm…Obese according to the BMI and it’s crazy, it’s not good. I want to loose weight and it’s something that I’m working on and struggling to do, it’s hard…but just because I’m bigger, fat, obese…it doesn’t mean I have to restrict myself from wearing trendy and/or stylish clothes if I want too just because I don’t fit the “norm”. You’re post is awesome and you look fabulous in your shorts, love your curves! ;D Super chic!

  • Fredetta

    love this post…i am afraid of wearing dresses (i am soooo going to adopt this challenge)! you look fab in your shorts & very pretty makeup :)

  • http://www.styleitspersonal.com/ Styleitspersonal

    Love the look dear!!

  • http://www.eatstyleplay.com/ Eat.Style.Play

    I love those shoes, i have a bunch of those flats! I need to re-up pretty soon.

  • Style4Curves

    You look reallly nice and those shorts fit great!!! I recently wore a dress that was over the knee as opposed to my knee length pencil skirts and dresses and it gave me a sense of empowerment. I feel the same as you I don’t endorse being unhealthy or overweight but being 1 or both shouldnt limit your fashion choices

  • Pialashay

    I was gonna join the challenge…hmmmm. I think you look great!!

  • http://www.iriediva.com/ IrieDiva

    love it. u are looking fab, loving this challenge and the empowerment behind it

  • Beautifuly_lan

    wow! your outfit looks very amazing!
    you look so cute *-*
    i like the other post, too <3


  • Ticka

    I am all for this outfit! Love the shorts on you! If you and hubby are loving your legs, then who cares what anyone else thinks?! Do you! I’m on the chubby leg train as well, and OUR legs are nice. Yea, I said it! lol!


  • Sandy

    We as Women need to learn that we can’t wear everything. Learning your body is most important. Just because it’s made in your size, doesn’t mean it look good on you. Your shorts look nice, because the length is great since you are aware that you have bigger thighs & legs. Wearing anything shorter wouldn’t flatter your body.

  • Ontheqtrain

    My goal is to wear a bathing suit aaaah lol but you look so cute in your shorts =)

  • Pocketsandbows

    Love the look and your msg!!

  • http://www.iwannabefierce.blogspot.com/ Iwannabefierce

    Super cute. I need to join this challenge. I almost never …well never wear sleeveless items because I am just afraid of what people would say about me and my arms. Its something I’ve been battling for a longgggg time. I loved to use this challenge as a way to free myself of this insecurity. Thanks for sharing lady.


  • http://profiles.google.com/mofokeng87 Rethabile Setai

    Girl you look cute as a button. Don’t worry about your legs they’re cute! I do feel what you’re saying though, my biggest issue is my stomach/tummy I feel like it protrudes so much! And it keeps me from wearing some things I’d like to wear in the summer cos I feel like urg about it. Don’t want people to walk around calling me pregnant. It shouldn’t be about people though so I’m working on my outlook on my body, it takes time.


  • http://twitter.com/wnicjames Nic

    loving this look! you look GREAT! i love your spunk and confidence…truly inspiring!


  • Tiffany

    Hi Kim, I have the same issue. I think you and I are battling the same things. Your legs and mine look alike, but I feel as you do. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and wearing short skirts and shorts, something I would have never done. Thank you for the message and keep being confident. You inspire me, you are beautiful!

  • Sunnie Bridges

    Your legs are hot!
    you’re gorgeous
    I cant wait to see the shorter shorts


  • Nikki

    Absolutely beautiful with great style! Love your blog.

  • Tiffany McGuire

    You are too cute to worry about anything! Adorable outfit!

  • simone abe

    I love this outfit so much! Sometimes I worry about my legs also, I think I want to try the challenge too!

  • portia,united kingdom

    Dear you look beautiful, you are dressed well , worry about nothing. Am doing the challenge you leave only once. kisses from london

  • Mztrinicruzan

    I have been so inspired by your post! Actually your entire blog :-) I am gearing up to challenge myself too. thanks so much for this :-)

  • DatFunkyFro

    I agree with you sis. Yes, w should all be healthy as we can be but bottom line is we have all been given different bodies, shapes, curves & bumps. No matter what stage we are at, we should accept ourselves. Nice challenge!! Thank you for being so open sis.
    You look beautiful as always


  • Anonymous

    This is a very cute outfit. I have the same necklace.