June 12, 2012  |  26 Comments

shorts ~ H&M
tuxedo blazer ~ Dorothy Perkins
pumps – Nine West
clutch ~ thrifted
watch ~ Michael Kors
cross earrings ~ Fashionology

An associate of mine mentioned that a growing  number of “plus size” bloggers are putting disclaimers on their blogs about not being a supporter of being overweight or “fat,” and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  In her opinion, this is due to the backlash and harsh criticism that is directed towards the plus size community at times.  The purpose of my disclaimer in my last post was to ensure that people understand my point of view on the “fat revolution.”  I don’t feel like I have to explain my weight or fashion choices to anybody, but I want to have a relationship with my readers and be open and honest about my feelings.  This blog is about fashion, and not health, but I like to discuss all types of issues that affect my fashion choices.  Today’s post will complete the “wear short shorts” portion of the Big Fat Summer Challenge.  The point of me sharing my insecurities with you is not to receive approval, but to show you that confidence is key in having a sense of personal style.  Everybody says that they accept themselves unconditionally, but many people have not scratched the surface to truly understand what that means.  Now on to the outfit deeds:-)

If you have an overall classic style like myself,  I would recommend wearing a “flowy” style of shorts.  I have bumps and lumps, also known as cellulite, so I wanted to make sure that I do not wear tight shorts, which only draws unnecessary attention to my problem areas.  Just because you don’t have smooth legs, it dosen’t mean that you don’t want to have the option of wearing a shorter length.  That is your prerogative, but pick the right style of shorts for you.  This is the shortest I would wear, due to my style and taste, but some woman truly have amazing legs and can pull off shorts effortlessly. I finished the look off with a basic pair of open-toe pumps and my favorite tuxedo blazer, that I do not get to wear much. Thanks to all of those positive fashionistas that support my blog and youtube channel.  Keep up with me on Instagram (NaturallyFashionable) because I spend a lot of my time there.  You leave lovely and encouraging comments that empower woman to be fashionable and love themselves unconditionally.  Kudos to you!


  • http://www.iriediva.com/ IrieDiva

    lol i feel like i was “got” this aint no short shorts :p but i definitely feel you on the keep it classy tip. I am the other way around I love to bare my slimmer legs and keep my big arms covered. i love these shorts tho, i will be looking out for a similar version for myself!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    LOL!!! Baby for a girl of my size and shape this are “short shorts”! Thanks for stopping by:-)

  • IvonneStacy


  • Amber L

    Love the outfit, I think it is so important to know what type of shorts/clothes fit your body. My motto is just because they make it in your size does not mean you need to buy it!

  • Malene

    I thought about buying the same shorts for the same challenge today!
    You look great!


  • http://jasiferlionsclub.blogspot.com/ Jennifer/Jasifer

    you look smokin’ 😉 Love the blazer and those shorts are super cute, and look really nice on you! :)

  • Oluwaseun S.

    Cute shorts. You kept this look, classy! :)


  • http://www.beautyfash.com/ Lexy of BeautyFash

    Very well put, Kim! It is not fair for someone to assume that it is your responsibility to instill confidence in someone else. You are simply giving us the inspiration that will hopefully lend courage to that insecure person who is afraid to rock shorts, sleeveless things, or WHATEVER – based on the belief that it can’t be done because of size.

    That outfit is so perfect! Love those shorts. and that blazer. ♥

  • Fredetta

    love this outfit! very classy pairing the shorter shorts with the tuxedo blazer!

  • http://www.ladilike.com/ Carmesha

    This look is so chic!

  • Ticka

    You are giving it to’em in this post!! Love the outfit! You look great! I can’t wait to rock my shorts. It’s on!! =D

  • Tiffany McGuire

    Classy you are darling! Love the culottes. You look ready to kill it on a night out. :)

    You’re doing you…nothing else matters. :)

  • Style & Poise

    Love this look! You styled it and executed it very well!


  • Toni

    I think you look great and I commend your facing your fear and insecurity about certain types of clothing. Keep sharing and challenging those fears! Love it and your confidence shines through!!


  • http://tammie-myaura.blogspot.com/ Tammie

    I love coulottes and those look stunning…I love the way you took this look and made it your own! You DID That!

  • http://www.weeshasworld.com/ Weesha

    You look amazing! the nude blazer is so chic with the culottes- I think I like your outfit better lol!

  • http://economyofstyle.net/ Economy of Style

    Very well said! We all have insecurities and I absolutely agree with you on the importance of confidence. I, too, don’t like short shorts because they don’t suit my classic style and I’m not comfortable in them because of thigh-rubbing and all that. So, H&M huh…I would totally wear the length and style you are rocking though.

  • ♥kiss♥ my♥passion♥

    Love this outfit woman! I’ll admit that I usually just troll, but I wanted to say that I love, love, love this outfit (as usual). And I appreciate the post reading suggestion.

    ♥♥thank you for posting♥♥


  • http://falalamele.blogspot.com/ Mele2541

    you my dear look BEAUTIFUL! Such a lady with a punchy “no-need-to-show-off” style. We all (women of all shapes and sizes) have areas we don’t like about our bodies….but why not WORK your assets. YOU ARE TOO FLY!

    Mele from Australia


  • http://www.soshewritesbymissdre.com/ Dre Davis

    You look fabulous! And you are absolutely right, confidence is the key to having a sense of personal style. I’ve been reassessing my sense of style lately, and I’ve been learning the hard way that one must first have confidence. The clothes aren’t what are gonna make us look awesome, it’s how we believe we look and feel with or without them. Looking at your poses, you look so confident and I admire that. You also look very gorgeous in these shorts and that FAB Dorothy Perkins tuxedo blazer!

    I’m starting the challenge this week too =) If I can build up the nerve, I’m going in on this short shorts business!

  • http://citygirlsherine.blogspot.com/ Confessions Of A City Girl

    I really agree with your reasoning behind the disclaimer. I’ve been reading a lot of the talk on the “fat revolution” and it’s a bit disconcerting to me… I dont know why everyone feels like they’re owed an explanation about why someone has confidence. Very strange indeed…

    Anywho, Love the shorts. I myself don’t really like wearing shorts just because i have hips and booty for DAYS lol.

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  • http://tammie-myaura.blogspot.com/ Tammie

    I thought of this look while getting dressed today so I linked it on my blog…I hope you don’t mind.

  • nasimiyumakali

    you look stunning!

  • http://www.considermelovely.com/ Rocquelle P.

    I LOVE flowy, culotte style shorts! They are so grown and sexy to me! You look fabulous! That blazer is the perfect contrast next to your shorts.

    I understand people wanting to clarify their perspective on being “plus-sized” (not really a fan of the term) and not supporting being overweight, but I really feel like at the end of the day, these disclaimers are so unnecessary because readers and people in general should truly have nothing to say. I simply say love yourself, do you, and ignore any potential negative criticism.

  • DatFunkyFro

    Yes! Confidence is definitely key to showing ANY sense of personal style! Thanks for elaborating on this sis!
    Love the look. I have always avoided shorts due to my upbringing but I would like to try the “flowy” ones. Definitely classy.


  • http://www.divadellecurve.com/ divadellecurve

    I have the same shorts