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top ~ Simply Fashions, maxi skirt ~ TJ Maxx, sandals ~ Burlington Coat Factory, Dooney & Bourke Flap Wristlet , sunglasses ~ Retrocitysunglasses

Today I had fun with hubby as we explored the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, D.C.  This is such a beautiful city, with good shopping and a lot of cultural landmarks to visit.  We were only in town briefly to attend a graduation party, so we chose to visit this memorial before we ventured back home.  Lately, I have been bored with shopping at the same places.  One day, I walked into a local store called “Simply Fashions,” that is next to a beauty supply store that I frequent.  Most of the clothes are not the best quality, and it is not the most desirable atmosphere to shop in, but I found some cute items at very low prices.  If you have one in your area check it out!  I scored this crop top in that store for $5.00.  I immediately knew that it was the perfect shirt to complete the “Wear A Cropped Top” section of the Big Fat Summer Challenge, that I have been obsessed with lately.  Cropped tops are nothing new to me, and my readers who have been with me for awhile know that I enjoy wearing them. I love to expose just a little peek of skin without going to far.  I knew that I wanted to be comfortable, so the pleated maxi skirt was the perfect match with the top.  I was relaxed, and I had such a lovely day sightseeing!


  • Fredetta

    cuteeee! love the maxi paired with the crop top…yes!

  • http://jasiferlionsclub.blogspot.com/ Jennifer/Jasifer

    love this!!! <3 just finished the weekly summary, but I will feature this outfit by the end of next week and any other outfit you do for the challenge :) love the cropped top! u and ur hubby look so sweet together!

  • Kelly Brown

    i love this! you look so comfortable and chic

  • c0urtkneee

    Cute outfit! I love the print of that top. :]

  • http://falalamele.blogspot.com/ Mele2541

    please please please tell me where you got your sunglasses. I need some! Can you buy them online? If it’s not too much trouble can you email me? THANKSSSS

    You look fly btw 😉


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16651669473359806426 CheapChicandCurvy

    You look great Kim! I love how you paired the crop top with the maxi skirt.

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  • Style & Poise

    You look fab darling! Love how you stlyed that crop top…you’re inspiring me..maybe I will gather up enough courage to rock a cropped top before the summer ends. But you look fab I must say!


  • Godsfavoriteshoes


  • Godsfavoriteshoes

    I meant worrrrrrkkkkkk lol

  • http://supersizemyfashion.blogspot.com/ SupersizemyFashion

    Cute look! Love your hair too and you photograph so well!


  • http://www.anorexicescapades.com/ BougieHippie


  • Tiffany McGuire

    HOT SEXY girl! Go ahead with it! :) I feel your pain about being bored with the same places though (hence my 3 times a week love sessions with my sewing machine). :)

    Don’t you love this challenge? Crop top’s next on my list. :)

  • http://www.considermelovely.com/ Rocquelle P.

    You’re so freaking gorgeous!! I think there are Simply Fashions here, but I never go because of the poor quality of their clothes, but I’m loving your maxi skirt, so I may have to stop in.

  • http://www.fabellis.com/ Miss FabEllis

    Girl, you look fabulous! Can you get me one of those shirts? Pretty please! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/wnicjames Nic

    you already know how i feel about this look—I LOVE IT! great hair, love the skirt, and that shirt is perfect!


  • Tee Mac

    Wow…you look great in your cropped top. I was afraid but you inspire me to carry on without fear! LOL! I guess that is why we all blog, right?

  • NaturallyFashionable

    I will send you an email, but I still added the link where you can purchase the sunglasses in my post:-)

  • Monique

    Luv the look and how it looks on u:)

  • http://www.thickthreads.net/ Anita

    you look gorgeous, the pring on the crop top is so pretty and the maxi is amazing, love this look! the martin luther king jr. memorial looks so nice, I’d love to come visit it one day, haven’t been to washington yet, it’s deffnitely on my bucket list, glad you got to see it


  • Kareemtiheed Williams

    you looking sooooooooooo hot in that outfit. I really like the shirt on you!

  • tyradavis77

    You look so incredibly sexy and beautiful in this outfit…on another note, I can’t wait to see the MLK Jr. memorial in DC!

  • Ticka

    You worked that pink crop top!! Very pretty!! I need to get a cute crop now =D

  • http://www.mispapelicos.com/ SACRAMENTO

    Thank you soooooooo much for following my blog. I love YOU, and yours and I am following you inmediately.
    Let´s keep in touch and be great blogger friends.
    You ROCK!!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00682472262765947115 Mz. More

    Fierce honey. You look so cute. I must get more maxi skirts and crop tops!

  • Daisha

    Love this outfit and your hair! Stopping by via jasiferslionsclub.com

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thank you!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thanks girl!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thanks…and it was a very nice place to visit!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thank you!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thank you!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thank you!

  • NaturallyFashionable


  • NaturallyFashionable

    I’ll see what I can do…lol

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thanks girl! Yes…the quality is very poor and cheesy, but I can go into any store and find something that I like…LOL I have a problem!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    I wish I had more patience for sewing! My grandmother is an amazing seamstress, and sewing is truly a gift!

  • NaturallyFashionable


  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thank you so much:-)

  • NaturallyFashionable

    LOL girl I know what you meant!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Yes….I know you would look gorgeous in a crop top!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thank you!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thank you!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thank you:D

  • NaturallyFashionable

    Thank you!

  • http://www.eatstyleplay.com/ Eat.Style.Play

    Love this outfit, and you’re one of the few people who actually get good pictures at the MLK memorial. I drive past this everyday to work! I really need to get out and go there myself and get some pictures for the house.

  • Shontetr

    I visited the MLK memorial last month….it was truly a rewarding and peaceful experience. As soon as I stepped in from the wall of quotes to the monument I was in awe. Your photos are very nice.

  • http://simplychic08.blogspot.com/ simplychic08

    this is so perfect!! i love your style so much. that shade of pink is your color!

  • onyxsta
  • chioma anosike

    this is gorgeous! you have lovely style chica! :)


  • http://www.stylechic360.com/ Inez

    You pull off the crop top like none other! You look fierce! Love that skirt as well!

  • Islandchic77

    u look amazing dat is all

  • http://www.socialitedreams.com/ Socialitedreams

    awesome hair and what a cuuuuuute top! i want it badly 😀

  • http://plussizesouthernlady.blogspot.com/ Timeka

    Love it!!!!

  • LA Lynn’s


  • http://citygirlsherine.blogspot.com/ Confessions Of A City Girl

    You look GREAT! I’ve been dying to get a long pleated maxi skirt… i’m going to check out the website now

    Stop by and say HI!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  • Anonymous

    js recently found ur blog n iv gone through all ur posts in a nyt… U r so stylish, n ur blog is amazing… I rly cnt blv uv bn marid fr six yrs, u luk vry young, u cnt b mo than twenty one yrs. I like hw much u spend tym wt ur husbnd, most marid bloggers fail wen it cums to dat… They get stuck wt d fellow socialites n neglect their husbnds… Kip up al d gud work dear. U r a tru big beauty. Mwaaaah

  • Melissafff

    Luv this