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Charlotte Russe Dress ~ Get it HERE (This is such a cute dress!  I’m wearing a 2x, but clearly I need the 3x due to the riding and creasing in the front). 


I love to shop, but I don’t enjoy trying on clothes.  I used to enter the dressing room, try on a few items, stare in the mirror, and pick the items that I believed looked the best.  I have learned through trial and error that there are strategies that you should be using to find your perfect fit.  Trying on a ton of clothes and figuring out what looks great on your body type can become frustrating, but it is important to achieve your desired look.  Today, I’m sharing some dressing room tips to help you find clothing that will flatter your shape in all the right places!


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May 21, 2015  |  5 Comments

How to wear a midi skirt when you are short

Pictures via my Instagram 


I love a good midi skirt, but it can be a challenge for us short girls to find one that works due to our height (I’m around 5’3).  Sometimes midis are too long or are unflattering on my frame, but I have a few tricks to share on how I rock this classic, yet extremely popular trend this spring/summer!


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Positive thinking has not always been a part of my lifestyle.  You may not know this about me, but I can be quite pessimistic at times.  Yeah, most of us showcase our best character traits on social media, but there is another side to everybody.  I am that girl that was going to see the glass half-empty instead of half-full, but all that has started to change.  I think life experience can be the deciding factor in how you view things, but I came to a point in my life when I was ready to grow.  I was tired of being moody and negative (these are not attractive qualities).  You may be thinking, well how did you do it?   


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