Get Ready With Me (GRWM) #1

I don’t like when it takes forever to do my makeup, but I still want to look amazing.  Who really has two hours to do their makeup these days.  This look only uses 2 eyeshadows!  Now that is my kind of look.

Makeup Look from NaturallyFashionable on Vimeo.

Foundation (460 Suede) – Lancome Teint Idole Ultra

Concealer (30 Cafe) – Maybelline Fit Me

Setting Powder – Kat Von D

Eyeshadow (lid) – Smashbox Ablaze Palette

Eyeshadow (crease) – Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Tear Duct Highlight (Brown Basic) – E.L.F.

Eyeliner – NYX

Highlighter (Opal) – Becca

Stick Contour (Truffle) – Fenty Beauty

Blush (Sweet As Cocoa) – Mac Cosmetics

Gloss (Show Girl) – Charlotte Tilbury

Lip Liner (14 Dark Brown) – Make Up Forever


Reaching Your Goals

Since moving to Kuwait, I have been reflecting over my life and about the decisions that I have made up to this point.  One thing that I realized is that for many years I was holding myself back from being able to truly be happy and pursue my dreams.  If you want to reach your goals there are some things about the way that you think that you are going to have to change.  

So today’s video discusses 3 Reasons You Can’t Reach Your Goals.  I’m sharing a few life lessons that I have learned along the way on how you can get out of your own way so that you can truly live the life you want.  It’s your life and you can take control of it!  Watch the video below to hear my thoughts.


3 Things I love about Kuwait!


Shirt Maxi Dress ~ Evans

Handbag ~ Balenciaga

Belt ~ Gucci 

Mules ~ Rebecca Minkoff 

Well, I moved to Kuwait exactly one month ago and so far the experience has been amazing.  Is everything perfect?  No, but everything wasn’t perfect in the U.S. either. When moving abroad you really have to embrace the lifestyle and culture of that country, and stay positive!   So here are a few things about Kuwait that I really love so far:

  • The malls – there are a lot of them…I mean a lot.  This country is a blogger’s dream!  Almost every store that you can imagine is here, but I miss you Target!
  • The food – every type of cuisine that you can think of is here in Kuwait, and I have to say that hubby and I have been indulging.
  • The city comes alive at night – Kuwait is a nocturnal society.  It is super hot during the day, so it appears that everyone comes out at night to socialize and shop.  A lot of the malls and restaurants stay open so late that sometimes I feel like I’m in New York (but not).  I’m a night owl, so this fits right into my personality.

There is so much more I plan to share about my experience here in Kuwait, so make sure that you are subscribed to my Youtube channel because I have a vlog coming very soon on my first impressions of Kuwait!

Downsizing Your Life (We Moved Abroad)

Are you thinking of downsizing?

My husband and I have been moving toward a minimal lifestyle for years now. We down-sized to a beautiful loft apartment and now we’ve packed up our home to create a new one in the Middle East! Hello expat life!

We will be travelling a lot once we’re settled in Kuwait, which is another reason why we’ve decided to “live with less”.

Time was definitely not on our side with this move, but I’ve learned so much in the short number of weeks that we’ve spent downsizing our life and memories in the USA to fit into the luggage bags and carry-on bags we arrived with at our new apartment.

Though I will probably share my exact methods at a later stage, the truth is that I just did as much as I could on any particular day leading up to our departure while balancing work and quality time with our families whom we will miss so much!

But if you’d love to be more thorough, here are my immediate thoughts if you’re considering or in the process of downsizing to make room for something new!

Why am I downsizing?

I think it’s important to keep a mental checklist of the things you hold dear. “Downsizing” has become a “thing” in itself so you always want to be clear on why you’re doing this anyway.

Scaling down can be addictive and you could soon drive your family up the wall with your “minimalist” approach to all things, including their belongings! Tread with caution and keep the main thing, and remember it’s really not that deep.

Whether you’re making room for a new baby, or trading in a car for a fuel-efficient alternative, keep the obsession in check by visualizing your new and improved lifestyle, which is what matters.

Where is all my stuff coming from?

Best get to the root of the issue, fam! I’ve accumulated various items through my work as a style blogger. I am so grateful for the opportunities that come my way, but man, have I collected some stuff!

Once you know where the bulk of your clutter is coming from, you can reassess and make choices which will allow you to scale back!

I had the fright of my life when I ventured into my closet ahead of our move. Storage space can often give an illusion of an organized space. A clothing rail is a great, inexpensive way to keep your clothing organized and in your face, forcing you  to keep things neat and tidy, lest you want to face disorder every day.

How will I get rid of it?

There are so many ideas floating around the internet! The Kon Marie method, for example, is a popular one.

The trick with these techniques is to understand that even though they may be founded on universal principles, you will have to personalise them to be practical to you and your home. When creating my capsule wardrobe, for example, I spent less time focusing on numbers and more time on building a wardrobe of essentials I love and wear.

Something that stopped working for me, in the end, was “closet sales”. I love them but they are time-consuming and energy-sapping, which is not ideal in high-pressure transitions such as moving house.

If you are going through a difficult or exciting transition, you want to keep things light and make down-sizing work for you. Is making a few extra dollars really more important that your clarity and peace of mind?

If you’re stressing about selling the items in your garage, instead of preparing mentally and spiritually for your transition, it may be time to let them go!

Who can benefit from my change in lifestyle besides me and my family?

My husband and I donated a lot of our household items and clothing! We could easily have sold these babies but see point three for more! It brought joy to our hearts to help others furnish their homes and contribute to goodwill without desiring anything in return.

I highly encourage anyone who is going through a change of sorts to see how they can help someone out in the process. If you’re not always in a position to help those in need (we all try, I know), this may be a great time to impact someone’s life in a positive way.

You never know what people are struggling with and what they may need. The saying that one man’s trash is someone else’s treasure is very true!

Perspective is everything!

There’s quite an interesting movement out there right now called the tiny house movement or small house movement. It is an architectural and social movement that advocates for living simply in small homes. 

It is a return to houses of less than 1,000 square feet, some of which are built on wheels for ease of movement and recreational travel. Some of these homes boast incredible modern advances, however, the emphasis is on creating a space which is economical and environmentally friendly.

What I like about this trend is that encourages people to think about what they consider to be a suitable home for themselves and their families.
A tiny house in Provo, United States

Can you get by with less? If not, why not? We really enjoyed our loft apartment and hope that you aren’t in any way intimidated to have a home which is larger than your lifestyle!

Which brings me to my last point…

In our household, we’ve never been hesitant to make scary decisions which will benefit our next steps as a family. As individuals, partners and families, it is important that we stay growing together, reaching unchartered territory as we go along.

There is no need to be afraid of the unknown or choosing something different. If your heart is in the right place, you will go well, not without challenges, but in God speed.

Want a glimpse at our new life? Check out our empty apartment tour below.