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I have been discussing the importance of understanding your body type for a long time.  Yesterday, I uploaded images and brief  explanations of the most popular body types, and the response was amazing.  Everyone wants to know their body type and how to dress it!  I am going to be sharing some of the information that I have compiled in a series of posts.  This first post is for all of my apples (heyyyy apples), so download the Apple Body Type PDF  to learn a little more about your shape.  I hope this helps, and as always please feel free to leave any questions below.


Apple Body Type PDF















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midi skirt (Get it HERE), top (Get it HERE), and pumps (Get it HERE) ~ Ann Taylor , clutch ~ Aldo (Get it HERE)

(Ann Taylor carries up to a size XXL online.  I am wearing a size L in this sweater midi skirt.  This skirt has a lot stretch, and fits perfectly!)


Plain and simple…I love the color grey.  It is my favorite color at the moment. Check out my Grey Lookbook video on YouTube.  What color are you loving?

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Sneaker Style From My Instagram FeedPicMonkey Collage

 Converse Sneakers (Get them Here) / H&M Canvas Sneakers (Get them HERE)


Marina asked: Do you have any advice or would you consider doing a blog on sneaker/street fashion? I’ve found that my style has become more casual/relaxed to fit with the sneaker look.


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