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One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive is about crop tops.  I stumbled across an article on giving real girls a guide on how to wear crop tops.  I found this article to be interesting, but as usual there was no curvy representation.  I have already written about this subject in my “Curvy Guide To Selecting A Crop Top For Your Body” article, but the idea of wearing a crop top is scary for women of all shapes and sizes (not just plus size women).  Baring midriff can be a bit much for some, but there are ways to rock this super popular trend without losing your dignity or feeling uncomfortable.  You just have to find one that will work with your comfort level and body type.  This week’s Facebook question is about how to make trends work for your body, so I decided to share some ways to make the crop top trend work for you.


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1. Knot Up Your Top

I have a lot of experience with this one!  If you are just getting into crop tops and are still unsure about what type of top will work for you, the perfect way to ease into this style is to knot-up your top to your desired length.  You can do this with an oversized t-shirt or blouse.  Easy right!


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